Channeling is a state of consciousnes, in the course of which it is possible to acquire information from ethereal world.

In order to secure that the ethereal world does not constitute a mere abstract, let’s go and see what is hidden under this term. We may evaluate information acquired from our environment either by our reason or by a feeling. Thanks to reason, we create and distinguish physical world. On the basis of our reason, we recognize the fixed regularities in the physical world, e.g. “this is a wooden table and it has brown colour” or “ the cabinet measures 200 cm in height and 180 cm in width. By means of our reason, we describe the fix data concerning the physical world. Thanks to our feelings, we can distinguish the ethereal world. In the ethereal world, the regularities are created by means of our interior constellation as well as by constellation of our environment, in which we find ourselves. To understand the ethereal world, we need, first of all, to know our internal constellation (and we may start discovering it thanks to Meditation of Heart). If we gradually recognize our internal constellation, it is natural for us to perceive the world in broader relations. Quite often, we are able to perceive the ethereal world through a negative event. Thanks to a feeling, we distinguish quality of information or an experience, e.g. “I like that brown table, it matches quite well with the interior as a whole” or “that brown wooden table is too massive and thus it looks coarse.” This is an example of basic ethereal world perception. We may, in the framework of our energetic constellation, go even deeper in the ethereal world. We may find out the origin of our perception that we like or, on the contrary, dislike a table in the interior and why it is so. .


is a way, by means of which we set off on a journey towards the depth of self-recognition in the ethereal world. When beginning with channeling, we use the sacred space of heart constituting the principal gate into the infinite world of multidimensional beings.
Heart – it is the basis of our security during channeling.

The word channeling comes from the English word channel. When channeling, we become a channel for passage of information from ethereal world. 

 After having explained, what the ethereal world is, it is quite clear that our heart is the helper No. 1.  Thanks to perceptiveness towards the heart, we increase our sensitivity towards the ethereal information. We may be in contact with different beings or possibly connected with a universal source. Many of us communicate with their personal spiritual guides.  

Becoming a channeler  – it means a gradual process of work with mind, emotions, ego and body. For the purpose of channeling, it is not necessary to experience changed states of consciousness and we do not need any supportive substances for that purpose.

First of all, we simply learn to divert our attention off our proper thoughts. If we are able to observe our thoughts first of all, this brings us the experience that we are not mere thoughts. Stopping to identify ourselves with our proper thoughts, we may work consciously with emotions, automatic programs in our minds, with ego and body.  According to my opinion, channeling was quite a natural part of our lives in the past. We have just forgotten to practice it under the influence or modern time.

Do you have the courage to meet your first channeling experience?
You have to pass Meditation of Heart! The Meditation of Heart can release all the obstacles hampering us in channeling. In the following video, I offer you assisted Meditation of Heart, by means of which you may acquire your first-hand experience with ethereal world.

In the Channeling school, the principal source of information is the information field of Wanted Experience. It is by means of the Wanted Experience that we secure the project as a whole. Its dimension is from 1-st to the 7-th dimension. The energy of the Wanted Experience appears at a moment, when it is necessary to set balance. The Wanted Experience shows us balance between intuition and logics. It teaches us how to unify the logics and intuition in our everyday life. Its doctrine is timeless…. All this is a matter of simple principles and everyone may acquire them.

The Wanted Experience perceives that we constitute a spiritual substance disposing of 4 principal tools: mind, emotions, ego and body. Realizing that: our mind is a tool, emotions constitute a tool, ego constitutes a tool and body constitutes a tool as well – it is what enables us to demonstrate power of our heart at each moment.

The words of the Wanted Experience constitute expression of our greatest pleasure. The greatest pleasure – it is a natural manifestation of our spiritual essence. It is a state of consciousness appearing on the basis of our conscious attitude towards our life. Thanks to our greatest pleasure, we are always at the right place at the right time. Thus we perceive when it is necessary to be active and when it makes better to make things flow.
Contact with the Wanted Experience us relaxation of our mind, a distance from our emotions; it brings quietness to our ego and harmony to our bodies. All this is performed by means of a conscious attitude towards all the situations which we meet during our lives.

Strength of consciousness has keys to all the locked doors. Strength of consciousness knows a further step on the way through our life. And that is what we bring from our meeting with the Wanted Experience. It is possibility to perceive the life as a doctrine about ourselves, to live fully the way of our heart.

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