About us

The project called “School of Channeling” has taken its origin for the purpose of channeling awareness propagation; its desire is to enhance awareness of mind possibilities and heart leading. We constitute a safe space for conscious work with mind, emotions, ego and body. We believe that channeling constitutes natural capability of a human and thus it will be a pleasure for us to teach it to you.

My story

My name is Lucie Alferi. School of Channeling – it is my way how to share my knowledge with the others. In the course of my life, each of my decisions has led here, towards the School of Channeling project. Nowadays, it helps thousands of people to understand their mind, to tame their ego, to have healthy body and, above all, to perceive their hearts.

I am inviting you to narration of my own life story…. And thus you may understand my interior motivation and the basis standing behind the School of channeling project.

Looking back into my past, I can state that channeling has accompanied me during most of my life and is accompanying me until now. My first channeling experience ran randomly and unconsciously. Sometimes it was painful and I had fear. And sometimes I felt as if my head were flying in the clouds. At the beginning, it was rather difficult for me to believe that the subtle world does exist. Channeling has manifested itself with me especially when I was passing through difficult life periods. It is the moments when your dreams are collapsing in front of your eyes. And everything which you had learned about our world suddenly does not function any more. Then you begin looking for ways as well as for answers about those matters which exceed us. What sorts of events have I experienced? Why were the gates of the subtle world opened gradually? Further lines of the text summarize crucial moments, which have caused profound changes in my mind. And thanks to them I have captured channeling at the right end and began sharing it in favour of further people.


Early childhood

My first contacts with the subtle world frightened me very strongly.

Come along with me to plunge into the time long ago. Together with my first steps, I started discovering this world. Channeling began when I was a little girl. When falling asleep, I began to see beings belonging to this world in the proximity of my bed. They were standing there almost every day. I was very afraid of them. And therefore I had sometimes even more than 20 plush animals with me; a sort of army of my personal guards. When we are children, such moments constitute random insights into the subtle world. Naturally, we had a possibility to enter there as children. The childish insights, however, gradually disappear at the age of 6-7 years, under the influence of strong development of logics. However, it may not be the case thanks to conscious access of children.

Sometime later, somnambulism was added to those beings. With distant look, I was strolling around our flat. I used to switch off TV of my parents and, as well, to switch off the light. Sometimes I dressed myself, as if intending to leave. One day I even tried to climb on windows (which was not exactly safe at the 4-th floor of a pre-fabricated house). There were attachable handles on the windows as well as on the balcony doors of my room, so that my parents might detach them and hide them somewhere, when the time of somnambulism was approaching together with full moon. I have never remembered anything from my somnambular trips. And it also had not frightened me just as those beings standing in the proximity of my bed. Mostly, my mother shattered with me strongly and sent me to go to sleep.

It was exactly that somnambulism which constituted another step towards the subtle world. In the course of somnambulism, there are frequent switches among different phases of sleep with a human. This will then cause brain overloading; the brain begins to broadcast confused signals to body. I suppose that it is exactly between different phases of sleep that we may be contacted by the subtle world. In fact, when sleeping, we give up current conceptions and interpretation of physical world.



First requests addressed towards the angels have brought a real relief to my sad soul.

During the time, I did not perceive those beings in the proximity of my bed any more when falling asleep. The somnambulism was not a matter of each full moon any more; there were rather occasional trips around the flat. I perceive retrospectively that I should have shifted myself by means of a spontaneous channeling training during the following period. Let’s have a look, what was further happening. When I was 11 years old, my grandfather died, after his long fight with cancer. I loved my grandpa very much. After the divorce of my parents, my relation towards him has become even stronger. His kindness and life happiness brought me a feeling of a solid background. After his death,        a vacant space appeared in my heart, which I had not experienced up to that moment. Every moment, when I thought of him, was connected with anxiety with me. Besides that, it was my first experience with death of someone belonging to my close family. Nothing could help me against the anxiety and feeling of vacancy; moreover, I tried to be strong and to bring happiness to everyone, for I knew that the others might be even sadder than me.

And thus I have asked the angels for help for the first time. At this moment, I would like to stress that I do not come from a religion-based family and that, at that time, I did not know any spiritual practices. My requests to the angels, it was quite a spontaneous desire led by my heart for relief of my soul. And I can see, as well, that the energy of angels had always brought a relief. My tension was released at least for several moments and I perceived that everything in my life would be all right and that the vacant place in my heart might be healed again.



There was a sort of ride on a big dipper and first communication with spirits.

The years ran, sadness for my grandpa was gradually disappearing and I thought that I could understand everything in the life. The somnambulism has gone as well. A moment convenient for shifting nearer towards channeling had come….. Once more, I was kicked out of my comfort zone of emotional and material security, namely because of death. When I was sixteen, second husband of my mom died. It was a man who constituted a great model for me. It was above all his detached view as well as attitude towards life that opened new horizons for me. Anxiety as well as vacancy in my heart have appeared again at that time. Death of that beloved man caused a serious illness of my mother. And again, I decided to be a strong girl, clenching teeth and fists and handling it my way. But it was not all. Unfortunately, death of that beloved man was connected with appearing of debts, which had been kept secret for many years and which eventually climbed into millions. And suddenly, as a family, we were at the beginning of total bankruptcy, forced to leave the house where we lived; this meant loss of home and of safety feeling for me.

It was sadness for a close person, solution of existential problems as well as loss of beloved home which led me to psychotherapy, kinesiology and reiki. I acquired my proper experience with strength of these methods; without their support, it would be really quite difficult for me to master my current obligations. Thanks to reiki, I began to perceive energy flowing from my palms. It was difficult to believe it but, at the same time, I could not deny that it was happening. At the same time, I have received my first angel cards in my hands and began working more consciously with them.

On the other hand, a new form of the subtle world began opening itself. Within this world, I have received first negative experience, which frightened me. Contact with spirits appeared for the first time. It was not agreeable at all. Once more, I was frightened to death, not knowing what to do. It was very, very disagreeable at the beginning. One moment, a spirit wanted to talk to me; he actually provoked a feeling with me that I was unable to move and thus I could not leave the room. Only later did it turn out that the reason for my unpleasant feelings when in contact with spirits were my unconscious fears. And it was not my last encounter with spirits.

A further level of channeling began to appear with me when I was twenty and just admitted to college. Once more I had a feeling that I knew where I was going in my life. I desired to be independent and thus I moved away from my mother to my first rented apartment. I became very fond of that attic apartment constituting a part of a very old mill. It was a place strongly encouraging to work with the subtle world. Old buildings hide a lot of mysteries and also have a lot of energy footprints of the people who lived there. My high-school studies as well as my work occupied me for 150 %; from time to time, I was very exhausted thereof. It was above all my fear of failure that took away my energy. My desire was to show my parents that I was an adult young woman able to care for herself. Every month, it was rather difficult for me to meet the both ends meet. When I was not at school, I worked.

During that period, the hidden fears in my subconscious mind appeared very strongly. And if fears accompany you all the time, it is almost sure that the fear will be even intensified by contact with the subtle world. Thus, I have collected, above all, negative experience with spirits and other entities in the course of this period. In retrospect, I perceive that, above all, I needed to understand why the negative experiences appear and how they function. At that time, contact with the subtle world was rather harmful than positive for me. However: the most important of all, it was my decision to learn working with the subtle world as it was still opening itself. People able to work with it began to appear in my proximity. I learned to work with holy water, to purify and harmonize the premises by means of fumigators. I was also fascinated with the doctrine about feng-shui living. At present, I know that it was this period which taught me to observe the basic security elements for channeling, which constitute the basis for channeling teaching.



There came total exhaustion which finally brought me to submit myself, to let myself lead by my heart.

For that moment, spiritual development was not my main priority. I turned myself towards the spiritual development just in crisis situations. Driven by need to become perfect in everything, I set a high pace of life. And crisis arrived within a short time. (It took a long time before I understood that I was the originator of the entire crisis due to my unconscious behaviour.) High-school studies, work and various obligations connected with earning my existence drove me up to the burning-out syndrome at the age of 23. Nowadays, very few people know about it in my proximity. I was tired because of my school obligations. All the time, I was preoccupied with my ability to make the ends meet with my money the next month. And, because of that, I lived a copious college life. Together with my friends at a party, influenced by the alcohol, I could switch off for a while – even admitting that I would be strongly exhausted the next day. There came a day when I was unable to get up from my bed. I was so tired that I could not even turn to the other side. After the thoughts had come that it was a complete failure, I had a strong feeling that I would die in connection with each further movement. I perceived heart beating very strongly (just as well as in the course of communication with angels). And as if something told me quite clearly: “If you continue like this, you will die of exhaustion.” At that time, leading of my heart was uncompromising. It was necessary to leave those conditions, in the frame of which my problem had taken its origin. Despite disapproval from the part of my reason, finally I decided to discontinue my high-school studies. At the same time, I discontinued the work, which could not satisfy me. Another half of a year, I lay in bed, quite exhausted, before I was able to function “normally” again. I have come to the conclusion that strength of reason had its restrictions. And when we suppress the call of heart for a long time, our happiness, fulfilment and sense of life are simply disappearing. And at that moment, I learned to use the knowledge about the subtle world in my life after having discontinued my high-school studies and left everything I knew. At that time, I had no idea about what it might be. I used to interpret angel cards, to work with gravitation and with manifestation basis. There came a feeling of internal relief, which brought me surety that I would be able to master all that and that I would find the way of my heart.

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